Leading In
Uncertain Times

In a world where detachment and fragmentation are accelerating, Leading In Uncertain Times reveals how leaders can restore trust and confidence in global leadership

Leading In Uncertain Times

What will it take to restore trust and confidence in global leadership?
In Leading In Uncertain Times, Gianni Fracchia offers compelling solutions to answer this question. Written in his unique thought-provoking style, Fracchia transcends humour and storytelling to offer leaders practical solutions that challenge the status quo. Pulling no punches, his articulate injection of harsh reality does not fail to disappoint.

‘A disgruntled and apathetic populace is challenging the legitimacy of government, institution, business and capital. The very foundations of our globalised world are being shaken. Accelerating detachment and fragmentation threaten the world we depend on for survival’, Fracchia observes.

With a global economy refusing to shift from idle to drive, rising populism and false grassroots empowerment movements, deepening divides within Europe and beyond, and displaced populations straining nations, Fracchia – void of ambiguity – asserts that the current system doesn’t serve the interests of the many; current leaders can’t be trusted; the future is bleak; change is needed.

In Leading In Uncertain Times, Fracchia leaves no stone unturned. He contends that before the global landscape is renewed and a new path to inclusive prosperity is paved, a restoration of trust and confidence in global leadership is required.

Addressed to the leaders of today, Leading In Uncertain Times will grip your hands, captivate your mind, and inspire you to answer – with unyielding action – Will a cohesive utopia or a divided dystopia be our future?

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Gianni Fracchia - Leading In Uncertain Times

Leading In Uncertain Times

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About Gianni Fracchia

Derwent Scotch - Gianni Fracchia

Gianni Fracchia is the Founder and Principal of Derwent Scotch and author of Leading In Uncertain Times: How to Restore Trust and Confidence in Global Leadership. Known for his thought-provoking approach, he helps select clients take advantage of strategic intervention points favourable to critical global objectives.

Investing heavily in personal and professional development, Gianni resonates with those who speak and act decisively, achieve what they set out to, and demand excellence – without exception. At the core of everything he does are relationships. His partner and wife of twenty-one years – and the inimitable long-term personal and professional relationships he has developed – are a testament to this.

Gianni strongly advocates that only through the genuine empowerment of people, the application of holistic lenses, and the implementation of pragmatic solutions, can leaders address pressing global challenges and realise critical global objectives.

More information about Gianni Fracchia is available on the Derwent Scotch website.